Liu Xin(Leo),Born in China, with a passion for art from a young age, Liu Xin graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He currently resides in Canada.

Following his graduation, he embarked on a career in advertising creativity and commercial art, where his artistic explorations indirectly and multi-dimensionally served a diverse audience in the field of commercial art. He has been honored with creative awards, including the Effie Marketing Creative Award, the China Advertising Festival, and the Taiwan Times Chinese Creative Award.

Over the past decade, he has undertaken extensive explorations in contemporary ink painting, conceptually driven abstract photography, and painting, emphasizing the serendipity of visual perception and the delicate balance between the contingency of forms and visual information. These explorations have found ample expression in his interdisciplinary artistic forms and have been featured in several contemporary art exhibitions.

Liu Xin's recent works encompass various formats, including installations, conceptual imagery, blockchain art pieces, and canvas oil painting. Yet, he approaches these in a traditional manner to integrate his past experiences in cross-disciplinary art. Ultimately, he employs contemporary materials to achieve multi-layered beauty and contribute to visual diversity.

The first exhibition of Jie qi's Dragon was a success! February 19, 2024 .See more at my project website

"Attempting to portray the ever-changing, diverse facets of life and the presence of emotions through continuously evolving visual expressions, exploring boundless intellectual depth and emotions within sincere yet finite moments and processes.

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After many years of academy art, my purpose has become clear: to escape and find the original meaning of life with everything.

My daily routine & my life & what I love.

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