Our NEWprojects

Jie Qi's Dragon

In 2024, in the beautiful PEI during the Year of the Dragon, what represents the diverse artistic forms of PEI? "Jie Qi's Dragon" might be the best answer. This unique art project is personally guided by LEO, an internationally acclaimed creator and artist who is devoted to PEI's local themes. The project aims to create a multicultural feast by blending local culture with elements of Eastern mystique. We will invite 24 outstanding and promising young artists to participate, encouraging them to unleash their creativity and collectively paint a dragon brimming with vitality and cultural richness.

Multiple Moments Series

Brand new series. Measuring life's moments in terms of life's moments, using the squeeze of time and space to make the impossible multiple moments into the only moments, since painting is the art of eternity, why not make the multiple moments into the ultimate eternity?

Charlottetown's Story& Fiona's Story

Includes a look at life in the city I live in, as well as my own Fiona hurricane-themed solo exhibition, "Fiona's Story," in 2023...maybe you missed the show? That's okay, click here to download the exhibition e-document.